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National Engineering Industries Ltd. (NEI), part of USD $2.4 billion diversified CK Birla Group and Amsted Seals® formed a joint venture (JV) to manufacture railway bearing seals in India. Amsted® Seals is a global leader in sealing solutions and cutting-edge metal fabrication. With an installed capacity of two million bearing seals per year, the company will be supplying products in India as well as to international markets.

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NEI and Amsted® Seals are collaborating their diverse expertise and experience to develop a Greenfield project located in Solitaire Industrial Park Bagru, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The site is spread across 2350 square metres and will host best-in-class railway bearing seals manufacturing techniques and equipment. The JV entity will market its products with the brand name NBC-Brenco and also plans to add automotive seals and products with metal fabrication in the future.



The Double Dust Lip (DDL) seal is a garter spring design seal. As the name suggests, it has two dust lips and a fluid lip that contains a garter spring to keep the lip tight to the wear ring. With the continued evolution in seal design, this seal would be considered an entry-level seal.

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The Efficiency Plus (EP) seal has a lower torque value, less than 15 in-lbs, due to the removal of fluid lip by using poly inserts and rotors. The dust lip remains a molded part of the design but has a triple dust lip instead of a double dust lip.

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